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Americans Running to Iran after Boeing Deal

KRISTEN BARROS – On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, the United States put an end to decades worth of sanctions when they gave the “okay” to the direct sale of planes to Iran. American citizens will now be moving to Tehran, Iran. This will be the first time since the Islamism Revolution and the 1979 and […]

Good Intentions but lack of U.S. Action – Whereabouts still unknown, Robert Levinson, Iranian Hostage

ELISE HAVERMAN – Many people were pleased with the January swapping of hostages between Iran and the United States, but one family was utterly disappointed and heart broken. The Levinson family has suffered for nine years, over 3,000 days, because their father/husband/grandfather, the longest held United States civilian hostage in history, was left behind again.[1] […]

The Letter of the Law: The Ongoing Struggle for Control in Foreign Affairs Between the Executive and Legislative Branches

BY ELIZABETH FATA – The Islamic Republic of Iran has been on the receiving end of a diplomatic freeze out that has lasted roughly 35 years.[1] Since the start of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 – and the subsequent Persian hostage crisis in 1980, the U.S. has refused to engage in any formal diplomatic relations […]