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Ecuador to Mimic El Salvador President’s Human Rights Violations to Combat War on Drugs

By: Arianna Amato             Drugs are widely regarded as a dangerous and dividing threat to society. For over fifty years, the infamous War on Drugs has had far-reaching and long lasting-political, economic, and cultural impacts in order to alleviate that threat. Nations large and small actively participate in a worldwide effort to be tough on […]

Navigating the Tides of Change: The Evolution of International Maritime Law and the Quest for Liability in the Wake of the Dali Tragedy

By: Lawson Barkley Maritime law has deep roots in our society, tying itself back to the inference of at least rudimentary maritime laws of the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians who were commercial leaders in international shipping throughout the Mediterranean. There is no doubt that international shipping and trade require comprehensive rules regarding the liability of […]

Public Healthcare Systems and Medical Malpractice

By: Asia Ifill Single payer healthcare systems occur in countries where the government pays for health care of every citizen. Single payer systems empower the government to negotiate lower prices for healthcare and prescription drugs. The drawbacks of single payer systems include problems like long wait times and limited access to treatment. Single payer health […]

Capital Punishment for Capital Crimes: The Case of Truong My Lan

By: Jeff Haham In an unprecedented legal action that captured global attention, on April 11, 2024, Truong My Lan, a Vietnamese billionaire, was sentenced to death for orchestrating one of the largest bank frauds in history, totaling approximately $44 billion over 11 years. The implications of this ruling sparked global reflection on not only the […]