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Dubai Under Water – Extreme Climate Ratifications on Legal Framework

By: Kostika Kosova Introduction: Dubai, a bustling metropolis nestled in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has long been renowned for its ambitious development projects and vibrant economy. However, the growing specter of climate change has manifested itself in Dubai in the form of increasingly frequent, severe, and or extreme weather events. From scorching heatwaves to […]

Green Ledgers and Climate Accounts: Unveiling the Corporate Climatic Canvas on Both Sides the Atlantic

By: Stephanie Selva The exigency of the climate crisis is underscored by a staggering statistic: a recent study suggests that corporate entities contribute to over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Amidst the growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and investor demands for transparency, governments have begun to take initiatives to hold corporations […]

Facing the Heat: What the Global Stocktake Says About Mitigating Climate Change

By: Alyssa Huffman 2023 marked the hottest year in recorded human history. With the undeniable threat of climate change causing more extreme weather events, sea level rise, and displacement of vulnerable communities, the world must come together to collectively fight against global warming. In 2015, Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change […]

American and French Investment in Hydrogen Energy is a Step Forward to Achieving 2050 Net-Zero Emission Goals

By: John Dennis On October 13, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a seven-billion-dollar investment in the United States’ first clean hydrogen hubs, claiming that these projects will provide new career opportunities and abide by President Biden’s climate change goals. This investment comes after the Department of Energy committed to establishing a twenty-million-dollar fund to help […]