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Breaking Down Big Tech: Antitrust Actions on Two Continents

By: Mica Karanovic The modern era witnesses a concerted effort to rein in the expansive influence wielded by Big Tech, with a particular emphasis on scrutinizing their pivotal roles as gatekeepers of commerce and communication. Traditionally, antitrust regulators focused predominantly on assessing how dominant companies could adversely impact consumers by hiking prices or constraining choices in […]

The Silent Battle: Navigating Global Markets and Creative Expression in the Face of Foreign Influence on American Entertainment

By: Nathalie Adams As technology advances, streaming platforms have expanded their reach globally, prompting a critical examination of the delicate balance streaming services must strike between fostering creative expression and tapping into lucrative international markets. The recent cancellation of Apple TV’s “The Problem with Jon Stewart” sparked immense controversy over foreign powers’ creative control of […]

Contentious Collaborators: How the Ericsson Patent Infringement Lawsuits Have Led to Colombia’s Ban of iPhone 14 Sales

By: Marialejandra Portal October 24, 2022 Amid legal battles with Swedish telecommunications company, Ericsson, Apple has hit a roadblock in distributing their new iPhone model that was released in September. The lawsuits pertain to a cross-licensing arrangement of 5G technology, and Apples continued use of the technology despite the inability to reach an agreement. Due to the […]

ISIS, Apple, Encrypted Data, and the FBI: Why Apple Should Reverse its Position and Aid the FBI’s San Bernadino Investigation

MIKE DEUTSCH – “We will strike America at its heart.” – ISIS militant Al-Ajkrar Al-Iraqi.[1] Less than two years after declaring a caliphate in June 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (“ISIS”) members and supports have carried out more than seventy terrorist attacks in twenty countries outside of Iraq and Syria, killing at least […]