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Toxic Beauty: The Disparity in the Regulation of Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics in the U.S. vs. the E.U.

By: Isabelle Nozari November 11, 2022 When we buy personal care products to use in our daily routines, be it caring for our skin, hair, nails, or applying makeup, we assume that the products marketed for such usage are safe. Unfortunately, however, many recent reports have demonstrated that we may be unknowingly exposing ourselves to […]

The Populist Phenomena Trumping Europe

CARLOS E. ALVAREZ – Populism continues to unfold in a myriad of ways, and the current global heads profess their movement supports common individual interests against the elite and the establishment.[1] While the phenomena combines elements of the right and the left, populism dances with extremes that are either led by socialist or nationalist sentiments.[2] […]

Another Day, Another Visa Problem: The European Union Passes Resolution Requiring Americans to Obtain Visas Before Going to Europe

TYLER NEWTON – The European Union raised the stakes during the latest round of the ongoing tit-for-tat battle of visa requirements between the E.U. and the United States. On March 2, 2017, the European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution which would require Americans travelling to the E.U. to obtain a visa before making the trip […]

The Debate Over the EU’s Open Border Policy in the Wake of the Paris Attacks

BY JULIANNA FAYNLEYB – On November 13, 2015, eight terrorists associated with ISIS launched a series of attacks in Paris, France, killing over 120 and injuring another 352. Armed with assault rifles and suicide vests, the terrorists systematically attacked six locations within the city, including the Stade de France where French President Hollande was attending […]