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Sorry, Polar Bears-Oil Spill in Alaska

ALESSANDRA FERRANTE – Currently, in Anchorage, Alaska crude oil as well as natural gas continue to spill onto the snow-covered tundra. [1]The spill was caused by BP drilling. [2] Employees discovered an uncontrolled natural gas leak that was accompanied by the spray of crude oil. [3] Yesterday, while crude oil spilled onto the ice, Alaskan senators […]

West of the Grove, Left out of International Human Rights

Kiana Courtney – Nestled in the city of Miami is the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Before the City of Miami was incorporated, Bahamians established the neighborhood, making Coconut Grove the oldest neighborhood in the City. Black Bahamians built this community and inhabited the western portion of Coconut Grove, also known as Village West or the […]

Venezuela’s Crippling Democracy

Lina Mesa – Venezuela is no stranger to protests. Since 1999, protests against the authoritarian regime are commonplace. However, a protest on April 4th, which quickly escalated to a standoff, can be attributed to a series of events that began unfolding in Venezuela on March 29th. First, Venezuela’s supreme court, which is loyal to the […]

Sound the Trumpet: The United States’ Attack on the Syrian Government Causes International Ripple Effects

DANIEL CELAYA – On April 7, 2017, United States President Donald J. Trump ordered a targeted military strike aimed at Shayrat Airbase in Syria.[1] Syria is in the midst of a complex civil war, with factions such as the Islamic State, the Syrian opposition, and the Syrian government all fighting for territorial control over the […]