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Cyberattacks and Data Protection: A Look at Current Regulations in France and the United States

By: Amanda Gomez In our evolving technological world, cyberattacks and privacy issues continue to emerge and infiltrate our daily lives. Two recent largescale cyberattack events in the United States and in France will guide the way to understanding some of the cybersecurity laws in place in those countries, how they are handling these issues and […]

Behind the Screen: A Comparison of Data Protection Regulations in the EU and US

By: Emily Gross Have you ever felt like your phone was listening to you? Have you ever felt like certain ads were made just for you? This is not the result of actual eavesdropping, but rather it stems from the tracking of your online searches, purchases and location. Behavioral advertising is a powerful tool that […]

Europe’s Crackdown on Big Tech Turns to TikTok

By: Jake Waldman February 9, 2023 TikTok is highly popular among teenagers in Europe, and its popularity has been growing rapidly in recent years. The app’s unique combination of short-form video content and engaging features, such as music and filters, has made it particularly appealing to young people. TikTok allows users to create and share short, […]

The United States is Behind in Data Protection Regulation

By: Adrian Mosqueda April 11, 2022 Data protection has become increasingly important in recent years. Whether sensible or not, individuals should have some control over how their information is handled and what it is used for. Unfortunately, United States laws and regulations do not offer adequate protection to individuals. By contrast, other jurisdictions such as […]