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Keeping IT Safe: Securing the Future of Cyberspace

By: Brandon Borino April 22, 2022 On March 21, 2022, President Biden released a statement emphasizing the importance of the nation’s cybersecurity due to the increasingly possible threat of Russian cyberattacks in response to the economic costs imposed by the United States on the Russian economy. While the Biden administration has attempted to take steps […]

Education Exodus: The Rise of Teacher Resignations

By: Mozelle Garcia April 20, 2022 Think back on your life and consider the people who have influenced you the most. You’re probably thinking of a parent or guardian, a sibling or friend. But think on who you really spent the majority of your days with when you were being molded into the person you […]

Declining Abortion Rights in the United States

By: Savannah Valentine April 14, 2022 In many ways, the United States has been one of the more progressive countries in terms of abortion rights. For example, several European countries restrict requested abortions to the first trimester, requiring some demonstrated need for an abortion after that time, while the United States has generally has no […]

The United States is Behind in Data Protection Regulation

By: Adrian Mosqueda April 11, 2022 Data protection has become increasingly important in recent years. Whether sensible or not, individuals should have some control over how their information is handled and what it is used for. Unfortunately, United States laws and regulations do not offer adequate protection to individuals. By contrast, other jurisdictions such as […]