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Public Healthcare Systems and Medical Malpractice

By: Asia Ifill Single payer healthcare systems occur in countries where the government pays for health care of every citizen. Single payer systems empower the government to negotiate lower prices for healthcare and prescription drugs. The drawbacks of single payer systems include problems like long wait times and limited access to treatment. Single payer health […]

Global Frameworks and Legal Strategies to Combat Cryptocurrency Scams

By: Jeremy Montoya Cryptocurrency Risks In the wake of the sentencing of Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of the crypto-exchange FTX, the financial community across the globe is reminded again of the reality of the risks  associated with cryptocurrency. The crypto craze is back and is gearing up to be stronger than it was over two years […]

Follow the Leader: The Global Revolution of Copyright Law Amidst AI Innovation

By: Lakshmi Sanmuganathan On April 4, 2023, the track titled “Heart on My Sleeve” was uploaded to social media and streaming services by TikTok user Ghostwriter977. Generated by artificial intelligence (AI), the song garnered rapid, viral attention for its uncanny ability to mimic the singing, lyrical, and production style of Canadian musicians Drake and The Weeknd. […]

Keeping IT Safe: Securing the Future of Cyberspace

By: Brandon Borino April 22, 2022 On March 21, 2022, President Biden released a statement emphasizing the importance of the nation’s cybersecurity due to the increasingly possible threat of Russian cyberattacks in response to the economic costs imposed by the United States on the Russian economy. While the Biden administration has attempted to take steps […]