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From Conflict to Courtroom: Unraveling Legal Battles in the Russia-Ukraine War

By: Jaelin Figueroa Russia’s comprehensive invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, marked the onset of a protracted conflict characterized by fierce resistance from Ukrainian defenders, who successfully thwarted attempts by Russian forces to seize control of Kyiv and other pivotal urban centers. Subsequently, Ukrainian forces swiftly launched counteroffensives, significantly impeding the progress of the […]

A Flashback to Traditions of the Soviet Era: Russians Break the Law to Watch “Barbie”

By: Annmarie Machado During the Cold War, the USSR Government operated much like “Big Brother” in Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984.” Western books, movies, and music were prohibited so as not to corrupt the Soviet citizens’ minds with the appeal of capitalist propaganda. But with strict rules oftentimes comes rebellion. Brave rebels opened “video salons,” in […]

International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin for the War Crime of Unlawful Deportation of Children

By: Daphna Jimenez April 11, 2023 On March 17th 2023, the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”) issued warrants of arrest in the context of the situation in Ukraine for alleged war crimes involving accusations that Russia has forcibly taken Ukrainian children. The ICC arrest warrants were issued for Russian President Vladimir Putin and for Putin’s commissioner […]

Ukrainian Culture at Risk: The “Legalized” Looting of Ukrainian Territories Under Russian Control

By: Alyssa Perez November 18, 2022 It is currently impossible to know the total number of Ukrainian cultural heritage sites and objects that have been looted or destroyed by Russian forces in occupied Ukrainian territories throughout the conflict in Ukraine. As of November 7, 2022, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has verified […]