Volume 30 Candidates Announced

The University of Miami’s International and Comparative Law Review is proud to announce the newest additions to the ICLR family. Congratulations to the following 2022-2023 candidates!

Sarah Boger
Colsen Centner
Morgan Comite
Catherine Dremluk
Victoria Guevara
Emily Hutchins
Aeri Hwang
Camila Torres Jaramillo
Daphna Jimenez
Zachary Kaufman
Gabriella Kayal
Lara Kimmel
Ann Light
Isabelle Nozari
Juan M. Ortega
Alyssa Perez
Samuel Pinson
Talya Pinto
Marialejandra Portal
Wayne A. Selogy
Joshua Sloan
Michael Stuart
Photini Kamvisseli Suarez
Jake Waldman

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