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From Russia With Love? Putin’s Realpolitik Threatens Trump’s “MAGA”

CONRAD C. WITTE – On February 14, 2017, the New York Times reported that the Russian military had secretly deployed a new model of cruise missile that violates a 1987 arms control treaty between the United States and Russia.[1] While this is not the first time that the U.S. government has alleged a Russian violation […]

U.S. and Russian Relations: What Happens Next?

STEPHANIE MACLAUGHLIN – The 2016 Presidential election has been riddled with controversy and deception, leaving many Americans at odds with who to vote for. The newly elected president will serve a pivotal role in combating the major issues affecting the United States such as the economy, terrorism, health care, and foreign policy. One of the […]

Tensions Over Airspace and Demands for Respect

ASHLEY MORALES – The relationship between Russia and Turkey has been severely strained ever since Turkish fighters shot down a Russian plane that entered Turkey.[1] Turkey has accused Russia of violating its airspace for the second time over the past few months.[2] Russia is accused of having violated the airspace despite warnings from Turkish air […]

IOC Adds Anti-Discrimination to Host Contract But Will It Be Enforced

BY SHAWN ABUHOFF – Every two years we are graced with the presence of either the Winter or Summer Olympics. The Olympic games are a time when the world’s greatest athletes are on display as countries from all ends of the earth come together to indulge in some friendly competition. It is also a time for a […]