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Global Frameworks and Legal Strategies to Combat Cryptocurrency Scams

By: Jeremy Montoya Cryptocurrency Risks In the wake of the sentencing of Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of the crypto-exchange FTX, the financial community across the globe is reminded again of the reality of the risks  associated with cryptocurrency. The crypto craze is back and is gearing up to be stronger than it was over two years […]

Assessing the Role of Cryptocurrencies in Ukraine

By: Jack Fraser April 18, 2022 The purpose of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve in nations throughout the world. While many countries have legalized components of digital assets for investment purposes, some countries have gone so far as to introduce cryptocurrencies as legal tender. In recent weeks Ukraine has taken formidable steps in encouraging the use […]

If the SEC Cannot Regulate Digital Asset Trading, Who Can?

By: Evan Dubow April 15, 2022 The digital asset industry has experienced unprecedented growth within the last three years. This monumental growth has led countries such as the United States and China to take extremely different approaches to protecting its investors from risks including fraud, lack of traceability, and unpredictable volatility. Undetectable and untraceable, the […]

How Far Are We From Paying Down Mortgages Using Cryptocurrencies in the U.S.? A Review of Spain’s Digital Transformation Law proposition, and the potential for similar legislation in the U.S.

By: Jack Fraser, October 26, 2021 Cryptocurrencies have seen exponential increases in value over the last few years. Bitcoin is at the forefront of the digital currency charge. Despite its volatility, Bitcoin’s prices have soared above the $60,000 mark in recent weeks. Within the past month, El Salvador declared Bitcoin as legal tender. Public sentiment […]