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Good Intentions but lack of U.S. Action – Whereabouts still unknown, Robert Levinson, Iranian Hostage

ELISE HAVERMAN – Many people were pleased with the January swapping of hostages between Iran and the United States, but one family was utterly disappointed and heart broken. The Levinson family has suffered for nine years, over 3,000 days, because their father/husband/grandfather, the longest held United States civilian hostage in history, was left behind again.[1] […]

A Moral Compass: The Syrian Refugee Crisis In Focus

BY ELISE HAVERMAN – On Wednesday, September 2nd, the world woke up to the body of three-year old Alyan, washed up, facedown and lifeless on the shore of Turkey.[1] Alyan left on a boat with his family to flee Syria amidst a civil war in an effort to reach Greece.[2]  Heartbreaking photo’s of Alyan’s body […]