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Candidate Class for Volume 26 Announced

The International and Comparative Law Review is thrilled to welcome its newest class of candidates. Congratulations to the following candidates; we look forward to having you in the ICLR family! Brinck, Isabel A. Brown, Marc Colt, Tiffany Constant, Eleni Dombey, Maria Deulofeut, Adolfo Demetree, Emily Edao, Hawwi W. Fernandez, Wifredo Friedhoff, Robert Hernandez, Nikolaos Hollis, Steven […]

Rethinking the Arbitrability of “Forced” Arbitrations

Ramya Ramachanderan – The strength of the #MeToo movement across the world has seen interesting developments in law and social consciousness of sexual harassment in the workplace. A highlight in these debates has been the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts that prevent employees from filing suit in a court. These clauses are “forced” […]

Business Associations in the News: Derivative Actions and Special Committees

Benjamin Braun – From General Electric to Wynn Resorts to Teva Pharmaceutical, shareholders are making their voices heard by bringing derivative actions to enforce fiduciary duties.[1] Indeed, a corporate entity broadly protects corporate directors, officers, and managers from personal liability to shareholders. Accordingly, shareholders generally defer to the managers of the corporation unless unjustifiable business […]

“Look at me: I’m the Captain Now!”

Michael Monajemi – The United States and its Asian allies are gearing up to expand intercepts of ships that are suspected of violating the sanctions on North Korea.[1] This would involve sending the United States Coast guard out to seize vessels in Asia-Pacific waters that are under suspicion of violating the sanctions.[2] The move for […]