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Is the Future of Britain’s Monarchy in Serious Jeopardy?

By: Jake Waldman September 29, 2022 On September 8, 2022, the world heard the news that Queen Elizabeth passed away. Queen Elizabeth II left big shoes to fill as she was the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history and had one of the highest approval ratings during her reign. Even though Queen Elizabeth had a […]

From Trump to Trudeau: A Dangerous Precedent in the Use of Emergency Powers

By: Daniel Mantzoor April 6, 2022 On February 14, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked The Emergencies Act, a last-ditch attempt to quash protests of the Canadian government’s controversial COVID-19 policies. Specifically, the action arose in response to the so-called “Freedom Convoy,” a group of Canadian truckers demanding an end to the nation’s vaccine mandate […]

Taking Canada’s Lead to Improve Access to Justice in America

By: Erica Cecilia Adams Three out of four litigants are unrepresented by counsel and eighty-six percent of low-income Americans with a civil legal problem receive inadequate or no legal help. The American Bar Association explains that marginalized groups are often vulnerable to abuses and face significant challenges to realizing their rights, including within the formal […]

H-1B Visa: Taking Away Jobs from Americans or Supplementing the Tech Industry?

YASAMAN MOAZAMI – H-1B visas allow companies to hire high-skilled tech workers from abroad.[1] The tech companies are not the only ones looking elsewhere for talent. A variety of companies, from healthcare to media, use H-1B visas to help fill their workforce.[2] There were more than a quarter of a million applicants last year alone.[3] […]