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The End of China’s One-Child Policy: Not a Complete Victory

  BY DAN PISCOTTANO – China made news late last week when the country’s leadership decided to end its “one-child” policy.[1] The policy had been in place since the late 1970’s, when it was enacted to protect the country against overpopulation.[2] This is a significant development because many believe that the “one-child” policy, which had […]

Will Chinese economic troubles imperil plans for a canal in Nicaragua?

BY KEVIN NESLAGE – Since its announcement in 2012, there have been plans in Nicaragua for the construction of a second transoceanic canal in Central America, which will directly compete with the Panama Canal.[1] The purpose is to help boost the economy of the economically struggling country by being able to offer a canal that […]

The Beijing Limited: Piracy, Censorship, and the Booming Box Office of China

BY MATTHEW DEBLINGER – I. A Pirate’s Life for Xi President Xi Jinping and the People’s Republic of China have turned a blind-eye to piracy. Historically, China has always been a hub for intellectual property theft, particularly American IP that is ever so protected under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, but China’s piracy […]

China’s Restrictions on Hong Kong’s Upcoming 2017 Elections and the Human Rights Implications

BY KELLY SHAMI – On August 31, 2014, China passed a set of voting guidelines to be applied to Hong Kong’s upcoming 2017 elections for Chief Executive.[1] One of the most controversial restrictions passed in the bill is the requirement that each candidate be approved by a committee in Beijing before being eligible to run for […]