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End to Cuban “Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy”

JORDAN ISICOFF – This week President Obama announced a sea change to the two decades wet foot, dry foot policy promulgated by President Clinton.[1] Over the past 2 decades, Cubans apprehended in international waters were repatriated to Cuba, but Cubans apprehended on dry land, were not repatriated to Cuba. Instead, these Cubans were given the […]

Department of Homeland Security Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for EB-5 Investments

JORDAN ISICOFF – The Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has recently issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking indicating that it will be publishing a rule changing the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Program. The Notice of Proposed Rule Making reflects that DHS will seek to raise the amount of the EB-5 investment for a targeted […]

Shopping for Citizenship?

JORDAN ISICOFF – The U.S. has treaties of trade or investment with a limited number of countries around the world. [1] Notably absent are treaties with Venezuela, Brazil, China, Russia and India.[2] Nationals of these countries have no pathway of seeking nonimmigrant visas through investment in the U.S.[3] Though there is no limitation on nationality for […]