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“Brace Yourself, Ebola is Coming.”

BY JASON LITTLE – Ebola, also known as the hemorrhagic fever is a rare and lethal disease caused by an infection of the Filoviridae virus.[1] Ebola originated in isolated villages in Central Africa, with the current outbreak migrating to countries in West Africa.[2] The virus can be contracted from wild animals with high rates of human-to-human transmission.[3] […]

Patient Dies From Ebola and a Nurse Contracts The Disease in Dallas Hospital: Is The Hospital Liable?

BY ADAM WEISS – The current Ebola epidemic is the largest and deadliest on record.[1] According to the World Health Organization (“WHO”), there have been 4,033 Ebola deaths out of 8,399 probable cases[2]; these numbers may in fact be larger due to the under reporting of the disease.[3] Moreover, according to Healthmap.org, the number of infected […]