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If the SEC Cannot Regulate Digital Asset Trading, Who Can?

By: Evan Dubow April 15, 2022 The digital asset industry has experienced unprecedented growth within the last three years. This monumental growth has led countries such as the United States and China to take extremely different approaches to protecting its investors from risks including fraud, lack of traceability, and unpredictable volatility. Undetectable and untraceable, the […]

The United Kingdom’s Ban on Payment for Order Flow – Bad News Impending for Robinhood and Other Domestic Online Brokerages

By: Evan Dubow, November 15, 2021 “Payment for Order Flow” is the practice of brokerage firms profiting from the routing of customer trades through certain market makers that incentivize the usage of its market by providing monetary commissions to the broker. Online brokerages, such as Robinhood, utilize Payment for Order Flow as its primary means […]