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Elephants on Parade: Import Restrictions and the Problem with Trophy Hunting

By: Michael Borell Botswana is home to the world’s largest elephant population, hosting over 130,000 African bush elephants within its border. The country is said to be one of the last strongholds for the elephants, yet at the same time is facing on overpopulation of the animal. Their newest tactic to handle the issue? Sending […]

Reactions to October 7, 2023: The Acquiescence of Antisemitism Under a Guise of “Activism.”

By: Stephanie Selva Antisemitism has persisted for centuries, akin to a virus. Antisemitic myths like power, greed, and blood libel continue to propagate through radical and mainstream political movements from across the spectrum. Yet, the threat of antisemitism is often confined to the far-right. This assumption is reinforced by the noticeable increase in white supremacist […]

The Franco-German Council of Ministers Announce the Winterberg Tunnel War Memorial

By: Wayne A. Selogy February 23, 2023 “Everyone was calling for water, but it was in vain. Death laughed at its harvest and Death stood guard on the barricade, so nobody could escape. Some raved about rescue, others for water. One comrade lay on the ground next to me and croaked with a breaking voice […]