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Green Ledgers and Climate Accounts: Unveiling the Corporate Climatic Canvas on Both Sides the Atlantic

By: Stephanie Selva The exigency of the climate crisis is underscored by a staggering statistic: a recent study suggests that corporate entities contribute to over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Amidst the growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and investor demands for transparency, governments have begun to take initiatives to hold corporations […]

Follow the Leader: The Global Revolution of Copyright Law Amidst AI Innovation

By: Lakshmi Sanmuganathan On April 4, 2023, the track titled “Heart on My Sleeve” was uploaded to social media and streaming services by TikTok user Ghostwriter977. Generated by artificial intelligence (AI), the song garnered rapid, viral attention for its uncanny ability to mimic the singing, lyrical, and production style of Canadian musicians Drake and The Weeknd. […]

Behind the Screen: A Comparison of Data Protection Regulations in the EU and US

By: Emily Gross Have you ever felt like your phone was listening to you? Have you ever felt like certain ads were made just for you? This is not the result of actual eavesdropping, but rather it stems from the tracking of your online searches, purchases and location. Behavioral advertising is a powerful tool that […]

Serbia’s Journey Towards EU Accession

By: Mica Karanovic Serbia’s path towards European Union (EU) accession began in 2003, after the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was reconstituted and renamed as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. That year, the Thessaloniki European Council identified Serbia as a potential candidate for EU membership. Serbia submitted its official application in 2009 and was […]