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Attack on Cuban Embassy Reinvigorates U.S.-Cuba Tensions: How are we here again?

By: Arianna Amato In September 2023, an attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C., reinvigorated steadfast emotions and opinions regarding U.S.-Cuba tensions. There is no love lost between nations that lie only ninety miles apart, but this attack is only the latest in a string of events that continue to strain their relationship. As […]

A Change in the Tide: Obama’s Foreign Policy Goal to Renew Cuban-US Relations Sparks Domestic Challenges

BY MELISSA JORDON – The United States placed an embargo on Cuba in 1961. Over half a century later, on December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama ordered diplomatic relations be opened with Cuba as a result of a prisoner exchange negotiated with Raúl Castro and mediated by Pope Francis.[1] The executive order from the White House […]