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Global Perspectives on Physician-Assisted Dying Laws

By: Gabriela Ibanez Navigating the realm of end-of-life decisions requires a delicate balance of sensitivity and awareness of the deeply personal nature of such choices, as well as the diverse perspectives surrounding this subject. To ensure clarity throughout this exploration, the terms at hand are defined as follows: “physician-assisted dying” or “assisted dying” refers to […]

Is There a Right to Die: Belgium’s Euthanasia Law Upheld in Europe

By Morgan Comite October 28, 2022 On October 4th, 2022 in Belgium, the European Court of Human Rights upheld Belgium’s euthanasia procedure, allowing 64-year-old Godelieva de Troyer, a woman suffering from chronic depression, her right to die. The case Mortier v. Belgium began in 2012, where surrounded by loved ones, de Troyer died by euthanasia. Following Belgium’s 2002 law,euthanasia allows […]