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Rethinking the Arbitrability of “Forced” Arbitrations

Ramya Ramachanderan – The strength of the #MeToo movement across the world has seen interesting developments in law and social consciousness of sexual harassment in the workplace. A highlight in these debates has been the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts that prevent employees from filing suit in a court. These clauses are “forced” […]

Business Associations in the News: Derivative Actions and Special Committees

Benjamin Braun – From General Electric to Wynn Resorts to Teva Pharmaceutical, shareholders are making their voices heard by bringing derivative actions to enforce fiduciary duties.[1] Indeed, a corporate entity broadly protects corporate directors, officers, and managers from personal liability to shareholders. Accordingly, shareholders generally defer to the managers of the corporation unless unjustifiable business […]

“Look at me: I’m the Captain Now!”

Michael Monajemi – The United States and its Asian allies are gearing up to expand intercepts of ships that are suspected of violating the sanctions on North Korea.[1] This would involve sending the United States Coast guard out to seize vessels in Asia-Pacific waters that are under suspicion of violating the sanctions.[2] The move for […]

Cross-Border data flows: Their importance, and The Need for a Global Framework

Meagan Nicholson – The legality of cross-border data flows is a pressing issue in International Business and trade today. The term “cross-border data flows” refers to the global transfer of information, data, and ideas electronically over country borders, from point A to point B.[1] Data sharing online is utilized by businesses, governments, and personal users. The […]