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Paying To Get To Home-Base: FCPA Violations, Major League Baseball, & Latin America

Hawwi Edao – ICLR Candidate With baseball season nearing full-swing, many are anxiously lining up at their local box offices, and hotdog stands to watch their favorite team rise to the World Series. What many do not realize is that their favorite team may be in hot waters this season and not because of the sport […]

Privacy in the Age of Data Breaches

Eleni Constant – ICLR Candidate What is Privacy in the Age of Data Breaches? Although the concept of privacy is not easily defined, most people are unified in the theory that privacy deals with the ability to control who is using your personal information and how they are using it.[1] People seem undeterred in the amount […]

Internet-Famous Owner of Miami Restaurant Gorges Nicolas Maduro Amidst Mass Starvation in Venezuela

Dombey, Maia –  ICLR Candidate  On Monday September 17, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and his wife Cilia enjoyed an extravagant meal of well-seasoned, $275 steak and smoked cigars at Nusr-Et, a restaurant in Turkey owned by Instagram-famous “Salt Bae” (whose real name is Nusret Gökçe).[i] While Maduro feasted, and continuously since he took office in 2013, the […]