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Sound the Trumpet: The United States’ Attack on the Syrian Government Causes International Ripple Effects

DANIEL CELAYA – On April 7, 2017, United States President Donald J. Trump ordered a targeted military strike aimed at Shayrat Airbase in Syria.[1] Syria is in the midst of a complex civil war, with factions such as the Islamic State, the Syrian opposition, and the Syrian government all fighting for territorial control over the […]

Interpreting the Federal Arbitration Act to Control the Poor and Empower the Rich

SIMON MORALES – The Supreme Court’s broad interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act has allowed rich corporate giants to subjugate the most economically disadvantaged populations. Arbitration agreements have been upheld in all but the most egregious of cases. Today, the rich and powerful can force employees and consumers to arbitrate their claims in front of […]

The Populist Phenomena Trumping Europe

CARLOS E. ALVAREZ – Populism continues to unfold in a myriad of ways, and the current global heads profess their movement supports common individual interests against the elite and the establishment.[1] While the phenomena combines elements of the right and the left, populism dances with extremes that are either led by socialist or nationalist sentiments.[2] […]

Coca-Cola Products: Poisonous, but Refreshing

JENNIFER HELMY – Coca-Cola, produced by The Coca-Cola Company, endures as one of the most recognizable brands throughout the world.[1] Sprite, which is produced by Coca-Cola, is the world’s leading lemon-lime flavored soft drink, and is the number three soft drink worldwide.[2] Fanta is the second largest Coca-Cola brand outside the United States.[3] A high […]